SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization and it is the art of optimizing your website to rank on a given keyword / keywords

The simple answer is Organic Traffic, If you looking to have a sustainable business that get free organic traffic. SEO is the answer.

It is important to understand what your SEO Service providers offer and where they fall short. In addition to the fact that our team handle your SEO service end-to-end, we follow best practice. Ranking on Google, Bing and other search engines is not the hardest part of the process, but maintaining you to stay there. A lot of service providers take short cuts. We guarantee the quality of our work, you will never be penalized for using our service.

White Hat SEO, is the method of optimizing your website to rank on Search engine following the search engine guidelines. Black Hat, the art of hacking search engine optimization process and get you ranked faster while violating Search Engine guidelines. Using black hat you may get ranked on a very short time, however, once you get caught by Google algorithm, your site can be penalized and banned from Search Engine. Google and other Search engine algorithms are getting smarter, and they catch up pretty quickly. At Top SEO VAs we only do white hat SEO as we want to ensure your site safety.

No, not necessary, most of our Clients don’t, some do, either way, we will do the keyword research as the keyword you provider may not be the best keyword to get you ranked. We will provide you with our recommendation after keyword research. You can still use the keyword/s of your choice.

NO, if you looking for fast traffic, SEO is not the answer. SEO is a time consuming process and it takes time, if you in rush, we recommend for you to use Ads. Ads are short term strategy that can be costy, SEO is a long term strategy that is much cheaper on the long term.

It depends on how much time and how fast you want your site to rank, the more time our SEO Specialist spend on your site, the faster you will get there. Most of our Client start with 80 hrs/month package and upgrade to full time. Other start with full time because they want to get results faster. We recommend that you choose the package that work best for your budget ( balance your ads / SEO budget ). Keep in mind that it will take you sometime to get to page 1 and for the organic traffic to Kick in.

Ranking Speed varies on your keywords, your competition, and how fast search engine algorithm can locate your backlinks. It is a time consuming process, you may see improvement over a month of couple, but we can’t guarantee you rank in page 1 in a month. A reasonable time line for low – medium keywords is 3 – 6 month to be on top 3 results. This being said, over the period you will see your website going higher up ( in 1 month you might be from no where to page 3 or 4 and so on ). The discovery process relay on search engine and how fast they are able to find the quality links we build.

If you ranked on low competitive keyword, the chances are you will stay for a long time even with no much SEO work done for your site ( because less people targeting your keyword ) on high competitive keywords, we recommend to continue doing some SEO work , as your competitors are investing heavily in SEO. Our introductory Package usually used by clients for maintaining position.

NO, High competitive keywords takes between 6 Month to 1 year to get to page 1, it is very costy, and you shouldn’t go for it, until you have stable business state, and comfortable with such timeline.

We are glad you used our service in the past and you loved, unfortunately, we can’t offer old rates. Our team work regularly on enhancing our service and add more features, this cause our cost to increase. While we would never raise the rate on existing client¬†who has a plan with us.¬†Once a client choose to stop the service, we can’t offer the old rate anymore.

Yes, all of our SEO Packages are Monthly with exception of Amazon Products, those are a one time payment for each product.

No, Our SEO Specialist create most of the content, any written content, is created for the client at NO cost ( we have in house writers ). You are not charged for their time, you purely paying for the SEO Specialist time ( our SEO Specialist capable of creating videos, infographics, etc ). This being said, they are creating it for the purpose of SEO. If you have concerns about video qualities, colors, etc, you will have to provide the content which will save your SEO Specialist the time of creating it.

We provide clients with access to the SEO Specialist sheet, so they can monitor what is done to their site, In addition, you will be provided a daily report summarize what the SEO Specialist did for your site in that given date.